Zone Face Lift in and around the Sevenoaks Area

Mobile Services Available - Sevenoaks, Orpington, Bromley, Kent.

Zone Face Lift

A rejuvenating facial transformation combining traditional facial reflexology methods, pressure-point massage, ancient healing techniques from Native American shamans, Asian body mapping and crystals.

Facial muscles are toned through lifting and sculpting, the skin's collagen is gently stimulated and elastin produced. Crystal facial tools are used in this unique treatment using organic facial products that have been specifically produced for the treatment. The spirit is cleansed to improve inner wellbeing by using a specially formulated magical mist product to positively charge the body's aura or by smudging using white sage.

The face is a mirror to your health and wellbeing

Stress can be seen on the face in frown creases, deep or shallow lines, sallow skin and dark circles with muscles becoming fixed or weak resulting in sagging skin. The Zone Face Lift treatment will give you all the benefits of a traditional reflexology session, providing a deep sense of relaxation combined with improved facial muscle tone and texture and the release of emotional tension held in the facia.

Only natural and organic products are used giving you a truly holistic and effective facial treatment.

All treatment plans are bespoke and customised to suit each individual to maximise the benefit. You will be shown techniques to use daily at home and if you sign up for the full 12 week programme you will receive a bottle of the Zone Face Lift Elixir and a jade tool to use at home.

Generally skin will look brighter and clearer within a few sessions.

Clients have reported that by week 4 friends and family start to notice that they are looking well and fresh faced. In addition to the weekly treatment, a few minutes daily spent on facial techniques applied during the treatments, clients can work on their faces at home, using the tool provided and the points shown to you.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase for loved ones.

Get in touch

Please feel free to get in touch by telephone or email, without obligation, as I would be very happy to assist with any further information that you may need on the holistic therapies I offer. If you would like to know how holistic therapies could support many diagnosed, ongoing medical conditions that you may have, please get in touch.

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