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I will be relaying information regularly about furthering my holistic knowledge, holistic treatments, and their positive effect on the body.

New Therapies – Indian Head Massage & Reiki
Indian Head Massage & Reiki are new therapies that I can offer for 2023.  I trained with Ziggie Bergman in February for IHM and carried out my Reiki 2 training in Brighton in January.  Regular clients have reported that the Reiki Healing treatments compliment Facial and Foot Reflexology very well and adding it onto a […]
Reflexology for Menopause with Ziggie Bergman & Louise Keet
I have added yet another CPD course to my therapy tool box. This unique new therapy has been developed by Ziggie Bergman and Louise Keet using a mixture of facial, foot and hand reflexology and is unlike any other. I have learnt a powerful Menopause Reflexology treatment aimed at freeing energies along the longitudinal zones […]
Facial Reflexology & Zone Face Lift
I trained with London School of Reflexology, Regents University with Ziggie Bergman for Facial Reflexology Modules1 & 2 and Zone Face Lift. I really enjoyed taking these courses and meeting fellow professional reflexologists. My regular clients are enjoying trying out these new therapies, even swapping them for their usual treatments. I am always happy to […]
Reflexology for Menopause
How Can Reflexology Help Those Experiencing Menopause? I am on the verge of qualifying from an Online Reflexology for Menopause CPD course – delivered by the well-known and much-respected Sally Earlham. This qualification allows me to provide a specialised form of reflexology in and around the Sevenoaks and Orpington area to those who are experiencing […]
The importance of the Vagus nerve
I wanted to share the importance of the Vagus nerve with you. Its an interesting subject that involves the nervous system which connects throughout the body. This is the body system that reflexologists 'tap into' when treating the body in a holistic way. ACTIVATE YOUR VAGUS NERVE The Vagus Nerve is the brain’s method of […]
Maternity Reflexology Training Completed! January 2020
I've had a great start to 2020. I'm pleased to announce that I can now offer Maternity Reflexology to pregnant women after training with the lovely Sally Earlam. There are a number of benefits reflexology can give to help relieve many of the symptoms that women can experience during pregnancy. For example relief can be […]

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